What you can expect of a professional managing your big day

What you can expect of a professional managing your big day

Most wedding begin with a budget in mind and that really is the starting point for almost all wedding planners.  Budgets wary from locations, preferences, styles and likes of a couple that works as a good outline to start with. From here a master plan is chalked out for all the ceremonies to finer details such as the wedding favors.  Selecting the right venues, color themes based on your vision for the wedding is the next step. Wedding Planners would accompany you to the many locations providing you with alternatives, suggestions and solutions.


Now that we have the base shaping up, the next on the list would be the vendor lists. You would be present with a narrowed down list of florists, decorators, musicians, caters etc depending on your price ranges. This remain quite a critical task as each there each vendor needs to be shortlisted, working on the pricing and keeping with your choices and styles of the wedding.


Wedding today are far customizable than earlier and many couples like to have their big-day as customized as they can. From customized stationary, accessories, clothing and even personalized deco, if you need it, the planner will have it organized.


With all these elements looked into and planned, wedding planner would go about creating a timeline of the sequence of events and ceremonies and how to go about it. Keeping in mind the many traditions and cultures experienced wedding planners will guide you through each step of the timeline.

As you can see,  the little bits and pieces are now coming together as your near the wedding. Wedding invitations are planned for, with alternatives in color, styles and wordings and also getting them printed along with addressing , mailing and managing the RSVP’s.

From the planning stage to the actual day of the wedding, wedding planners would supervise the vendors, organize the flow of events with the emcee, toast-master and handling any emergencies that come your way. Importantly serving as your spokesperson to convey your whims and desires, keeping you away from the stress of doing so.


Lastly, wedding planner also would guide you and arrange for your honeymoon destinations as a part of their service (yes they do!), it is all about you and it is your wedding planers job to guide you with all they can to ensure your wedding is a grand success.