Wedding Planning Myths Busted

Weddings ceremonies follow a traditional set of do’s a d don’t’s that have been a part of cultures and traditions for centuries.  Here is a few myths you can step over if you please to.

The Dress

For those that new saw the charm of the good old white dress and veil, stepping out in gowns in other colors by bridal designers such as peach, pinks and even blues will have you look gorgeous as ever. The settings of the location or even the theme of the wedding can add to the choice of color selection. Beach weddings or destination weddings make a great opportunity to try our something new.

Swapping Professionals for your talented friends

A friends pictures that you always adored, the floral deco that amazed you or even if you have a friend in the business will add a personal touch to your wedding.  More often professionals are mechanical in the way they work, a friend will know your preferences and a good chance they are acquainted with your family and friends would know how to mix things up to your likes.

Inviting those for the weddings your were invited to

So, you were invited to a wedding and your are now feeling pressurized to reciprocate when it is yours? Well,  you are not obligated to, it is you big day and you invite guests that you are close to. Yes, there would be a few that assume they are a part of it, but informing them in advance would help in being up-front about it.

Choosing to have a Planner

The financial advantage if having a planner has multiple benefits, not only you will have everything organized and well planned,  you will lower the cost of the wedding which otherwise would be a tall task if were to be done individually. Wedding planners negotiate and pass on discounts with the various vendors and are always updated with the current prices of services.

Doing everything yourself

To lower the cost or even manage it doing everything by yourself isn’t always the safe option.  At the planning stage of the wedding, many couples assume that take on task by themselves will give them the levy to spend on an additional item or an add the savings to their honeymoon budget. Although, the option is attractive, you need to factor in time and access to the right types of raw materials and supplies.

Having the same number of the bridesmaids and groomsmen

It is always a balancing act to pair the bridesmaids and groomsmen and maybe your friends are more than his or vice-versa and you look to fill in the gaps by roping in a few extras to even out both the sides. There is no such rule and if planned right you can have everyone come together on the big day. Splitting up tasks would be a great way to get everyone involved and actively take part in it, such as a few being ushers or readers.

You would need a loan from the bank  to pay for it

Planning a wedding is a balancing act and without plunging into debt you can set your priorities right and avoid a few expenses rather than cut corners.  Instead of splurging on everything  you can find list out what items have to be looked at with a higher budget against those that you don’t need to.