The registry etiquette mistakes you must avoid.

The registry etiquette mistakes you must avoid.

Building a  registry is a lot of fun!

Register in time to build you registry as your friends and family want to shop for you and often are in a predicament on whether you would like to have rather than guess and buy something you might not like and use.  Besides it avoids people bringing you stuff you don’t need. And no, it does appear like you asking for things.

Preparing a registry in advance will help you add to it before the wedding. Almost all of your guests would buy just before the wedding day, so if you plan early you can build a registry that is well thought of rather than putting it together the very last minute.  An inventory of both you items that you currently own and would share together would create a strong registry.  Also, if you discuss your inventory together you can avoid stuff that you all own.

Before selecting a store to purchase from you should be well aware of the stores policies. It should be convenient for you and your guests. Your registry being online is a huge plus as guests can easily order at the click of a button and if guests need to place an order by the phone you should try a few test calls to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  Discuss the stores exchange policy and their shipping to your address as you can easily replace anything if required in case of duplication.  There are also plenty of special offers for newly weds that many stores through to incentive their patrons which could be of use to you.

Having a broad category to choose from will make it easy for your guests to from in terms of the price range. A well balanced registry will have a lot of items that compliment each other hence priced in different price ranges.  You can always go back to the store to return the item and club them with a bigger ticket item the two of you like. Setting up the registry on the wedding website will let your guests find it conveniently among other information available on the website such as reception, ceremony and accommodations .

Do not forget to send out the thank-you notes to your friends and family mentioning that their gifts have arrived.  Avoid standardizing the process and add a bit of personal touch to it such as the details of the item and how you plan to use it or the color or model the particular item has.