Post Engagement: First Steps To Planning Your Big Day

Post Engagement: First Steps To Planning Your Big Day


Once you pass your engagement, everyone would begin asking about your wedding dates, in reality you would not know until your of the venue of the wedding and the availability of it. So, a good way going about it would be picking out a group of dates and working around them. Apart from the venue, you would have to also factor in friends, familiy’s and relatives availabilities during that period, especially if you have many of them living abroad.

Once you have you wedding venue and dates confirmed and before you try on a wedding gown you always wanted or book your favorite band you would have to take a step back and close your eyes to picturize your perfect wedding. The setting, the guest whether big or small, a intimate or a glamorous celebration, the theme and all of that. Look for inspiration over the internet, bridal magazines and similar such resources.

Setting up the budget at this stage would help put  lot of things in perspective as you can beginning your planning around it. Also remember to keep room for an overflow in certain elements where you may feel the need to spend a little more than planned.

Once you have the budget in place, a guest list count from your immediatiate family will help you plan the other aspects of the wedding. You also need to consider whether the venue will accommodate the number of people you have planned to invite.

Now, its time to get the wedding troop in place and asking them to be bridesmaids and groomsmen for the dates you have planned.  Remember, the sooner the confirm the better you can enlist their help to a picture perfect wedding.

Considering hiring a consultant if you the two of you have demanding jobs or have a massive wedding planned that will help you plan and execute the entire event.  There is plenty to do and if you are limited with time a wedding planner would be just right.  Once you have a planner in place you can sit back and relax as he or she would do the heavy-lifting for you.  You can breeze through the high priority vendors such as the wedding photographers and local banks and the other in demand vendors.

Off-course there is so much to do, but if you have most of elements striked-off you have covered good ground. You can get to the other details from here such as selecting your dress and all the fun stuff to your wedding.