Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

We asked brides what really you must have asked the photographer when they looked at their wedding albums. Yes, the standard questions such as the type of equipment they would use or the styles they have short with in the past are typical, we complied a few notes that you could use.

With numerous photographers listed in your area, it is a tough choice to make at the outset, a good starting point would be looking at social web-pages of these professionals. As the communication on these platforms is two ways you can check for reviews, comments and feedback on what previous clients have said and recommended.  Meeting the photographer in person would also give you a better understanding of the person personality and creative perspective of his work. Remember that these memories are going to last you a lifetime, therefore trusting that the man behind the lense gets your vision and style is key.

Checking with the photographer on the number of photos he would deliver would give you an idea of the photographers intent at preserving every moment for you. Generally every client would have been delivered in the range of 400-600 odd photographs. Get his thoughts on the post production process as well, as many pros will deliver  outputs on matt effects  that are pastel shaded outputs or  high contrast that  are make the colors stand out.

Discussing the costs are always a touchy subject but getting a breakdown of it will give you an idea of what you need and what you don’t.  Photographers include the cost of an assistant in a standard quote as well, so you might want to check whether you need the second shooter and feel the need to another more.  Second shooters also help in capturing various angles and different perspectives that otherwise would have missed.

Another aspects of it is the editing of the photos, many photographers decide to simply shoot and burn the images on a disc without any post editing. Editing enhances the look of any photograph as it would correct bad light and add filters to make it stand out.  Editing does consume plenty of time and might delay the delivery of the final product, in case you require the photos in a short period that might not work, so discussing it with the photographer in advance will give you an idea how long would it take.

Booking the photographer in advance is recommended as the pros are in demand and you might loose out on a good photographer that you like due to a delay. Most photographers would request for an fifty percent advance that is a standard practice. At the same time, there could be a cancellation or delay due to an unavoidable circumstance and you should be clear on what the policy is on that as well.  If it is an outstation photographer you would need to check on the details on others expenses such as food, travel and stay as well.