Having everyone entertaining themselves on the day

Everybody looks to have a good time and your wedding is not only a big day for you but a chance for everyone to come and celebrate your happiness with you and have a great time.
Rehearsals make the perfect icebreaker.The wedding brings together both the families sides and friends and this would mean that many might not even have known each other in the past which might lead to a bit of social awkwardness. What could be a solution is getting everyone together before the wedding day and there is no other day than the rehearsals. Sitting with your fiancé and discussing common interests if friends and families would help you introduce like minded people and get the conservation started. On the day of the wedding you would have a much better comfort level of your closed ones in a relaxed atmosphere and hopefully having a good time.

Not keeping your guests waiting

Everyone’s here for you and not having the ceremony go on time as scheduled would mean that your guest would be simply sitting and waiting. Of course there are instances when the delay is unavoidable, but having a plan to keep everyone occupied is necessary. You could even have the bar open or have some cocktails served out with a few bar snacks going around and even some light-hearted music to keep the atmosphere alive.

Ensuring no ones left hungry

A few nibbles even if you are serving a full course dinner at your wedding will have everyone in the right mood and spirit. Guests will chat while they snack and you are certain that everyone is relaxed and having a good time. Serving the appetizers even before you make your grand entrance isn’t a bad idea, some soups, vegetable skewers or cheese balls on your menu will do the trick.

When the party wraps up

Having a shuttle service to get home throughout the night is a brilliant way to ensure that your guests are not worried driving to late or far and even relax and drink knowing that they will get home safely when the party winds up.

The venue and its location

Convenience at getting to the venue is a essential in your guest list being on time or even making it to the wedding. Long drives or away locations would mean that your guests would have to plan a lot in advance without any last minute hick-ups. The venue is one of the most determining factors in planning your big day. Of course this is depdendent on your bugets and availability but picking up the right place will have everyone confortable and justice can be done to the deco.

The seating arrangements

Many spend days together planning this aspect of the wedding and rightly so. You do not want your guests seated together when they do not know each other and have met in the past and see their friends at some other table having a good time. Take your time with it to ensure that guests are seating with people they like or at least know

Limiting the time taken on toasts

Keeping the toast upto to the best man and maid of honor and only adding your parents to it will keep it short and engaging rather than having too many people raising the toast. Keeping it tight would mean that you have everyone ‘s attention and after which they wuickly get back to what they were doing.

Specialty Performance

You could mix things up here with adding a performance of your own. Many couples have been including a dance style of their own and the laughs and claps indicate how popular it has been. If you don’t feel you have the appetitiie for you can have a group of musicans do something special, have an old uncle crack a few jokes or even have the DJ spin some memorable tunes.

You need to be having a good time

Months go into planning the wedding that could be very stressful. Finally when the day arrices you need to just let loose, overlook the minor mishaps and hick-ups and be in a good mood. Delegate all possible tasks and ask a friend to let you know if the stress is taking over.