Going about finalizing vendors for your wedding

Going about finalizing vendors for your wedding

From the large varieties of vendors to choose from budgets and costs have a significant influence on when you finalize the right vendor. Talking money with these vendors can be a bit tricky, so put together a few tips to get you to know everything before finalizing one.


A little research  online will not only give you the vendors website details but also their social profiles that work as a great starting point to understand the vendors work and most importantly what people are saying about him.  Getting to know what his pricing packages are is an added benefit before you pick-up the phone to call, there are a few that place their pricing packages on their website and a few would give it to you after your meeting with them. You can also take it a step ahead and reach out to a few that have used his services and have commented about it. Having a ballpark figure in mind will have you well prepared for meeting the vendor in person.


Being upfront about your budget with the vendor will save you plenty of back and forth time on quotes, negotiations etc. Most professionals will tell you upfront whether they can work within the budget or not. Well if not, you can always ask for a reference  if someone that can do so. Showing a bit of flexibility in your budget also helps and can also sometimes work in your favor.


Getting a detailed breakdown of how much your choice of preference cost would give you a better idea where you can trim down on one aspect and add to another to balance your budget. You may want to spend less on the tables but are ready to go up on the costs of a photographer. Details such as choosing between choosing wooden tables could be much more the the standard round tables or the photographer could be much more experienced with a great perspective for wedding photography.  Details will also help you in knowing what has been added to the quote therefore you can decide in what you need everything that is there in it, a second photographer or delivery charges on the tables and such similar cost would be revealed in an itemized quote.  You need not get intimidated in doing so as these are professionals doing business and are part of a large network of similar vendors. If they cant match your price range they will refer you to people that can.


After you have gone past the details, draw up a written contract that is in easy to understand language and details everything you have discussed.  Two copies are to be signed so that it binds both legally and you might also want a lawyer friend look at it once before you sign it.Once you have narrowed down to a vendor of choice, the payment options are next on the list to be discussed.  Here is when you can discuss whether you can pay an advance for now and the remainder after the event, not forgetting cancellation fees just in case. An upfront fee of 50% is a standard practice and are usually non refundable, a few vendors also make room for a refund in the case of a unforeseen circumstance.