Choosing Your Wedding Planner


There are plenty of wedding planners around, some with years of experience under their belt and some fresh talent that have been on the block for not too long with are vibrant in the ways the plan and manage weddings for their clients.

A good start would be doing your homework right before narrowing down to a bunch of planner to select from. Almost every wedding planner has websites that showcase their previous work and works well to narrow out a shortlist. Noting their previous work to get a feel of how they have handled elements in the past.  Many planners have their services listed down as well and could have a few services that might not be in their area of service. Pictures and videos tell a thousand words, if the previous wedding he has planned look over the top and glamorous and you plan a small, intimate gathering, you might want to look further.

From here, a good way forward would be to narrow the shortlist and calling your top three favorites.  Checking and conforming the services they offer, whether they have worked on the venues you have selected, their availability for those dates, their fees and the cost of an average wedding they would plan.  If these planners meet your expectations in terms of matching your budgets and overall vision, set up a meeting with each of them.

Before meeting them, it would be a good idea to prepare a list of images, clippings, your inspiration to give the planner something to work with.  When you meet the planners besides qualifying them for the standards of their work,  you would also want to look at their personalities as you will have to works with this person intimately for months.  Through your ideas across to check with they understand your vision and are receptive to your vision with enthusiasm.  Having the right creative talent would mean that your wedding is not mechanical as the other the planner have put together in the past.

After you have met with your shortlisted set of wedding planner, do not be in a hurry to choose one.  You could call references of past events or even look at the planner social networking pages over the internet that would have true reviews and testimonials.  Networking would give you a stronger confidence on how they have handled clients in the past, managed budgets,  their work ethics and management skills.

You would now have a better idea of what you can expect of the people you have chosen and you should pick and block the planners as early as you can to kick-start the entire process for you.