Asking your wedding planner the right questions

Asking your wedding planner the right questions

Before you zero-in to finalize your wedding planner of choice, it is important to run the essentials by him to ensure that he is the right fit.  Not only you want a planner that you can trust but also put you at ease as being the go to person for all that is required to be dealt it in the build-up to the wedding. A planner who is bossy or overrules all your likes is something you will find hard to change at the very last minute. Keeping that in mind, here is a small set that will work to help you through the selection process.

Getting the planners availability of the date of the wedding is the first question that you should be asking and spending time on a particular planner.  You often have planners sending out their associates if they aren’t available for that given day, being sure of how the arrangement would be should be clear at the outset.  Planners are available during the planning stages of the wedding and may not be able to physically be there on the day of the wedding, so a good start point would be knowing on the actual availability of the planner.

Costs are critical part of every wedding and every wedding planner works with a price range that you should have a fair idea of.  Sometimes the case maybe that you haven’t planned the budget for the wedding as yet and knowing the what the planners price range would be will help you gauge when working out the financials. There are plenty of services that a wedding planners offers, their websites may not have updated or the complete range they offer, so it is important that you check with them on their offering as you may require the day-of coordination, or the full service for the event or even customized planning. Getting to know what they specialize in will give you the option to choose for coordination and perhaps another for design help.

Experience matters and it is ideal that you work with a planner that has done at least a handful of weddings but preferably many of them.  Many planners also include corporate events and special occasions in their portfolio, although that counts as experience, it is a completely difference experience having planned weddings in comparison.  What would be an added advantage is when they have worked at your venue before.  The familiarity with staff, logistics and layout would mean that they could run things smoothly. You could also look at reference photos or videos of the place just to get an idea of how they worked with it.

Planners that handle the professional services works to your advantage as they would take care of the contract and payment processing.  You also have planners that look at advance payment for them to hire the different vendors.  You can also discuss whether you can do this by yourself just to give you better control on the contracts and even budgets when hiring. Getting a list of the vendors in advance from the planner can help you check for references of the work they have done in the past. Managing the guest lists, invitations and wordings also differs from planner to planner in the offerings as a ‘Full Service’ .  The staff that the planner would bring to the wedding is to ensure everything works as planned is also important. Ranging tom assistants, event coordinators and stylist the planner will be to tell you in advance. Backup plans needs to be accounted for as well and in the event of an emergency as well that the planner cant avoid.

For references you can ask details of the couples the planner has worked with in the past so that you can do some fact checking as well. Planners happy to provide you with such references is an indication of satisfactory clients handled in the past. Lastly, the planner fees with exactly what is included and excluded in the quote and how they arrive at the calculations and whether the quote is a percentage of the overall budget or a flat fee.