Staying ahead of wedding planning surprises

Staying ahead of wedding planning surprises


Planning a wedding can have you come across plenty of surprises, being prepared for them in advance will have you see in advance what is coming your way. Remember what you plan on paper is going to see variations, the more flexible you are the less you will be stressed out.

The degree of difficulty in sourcing materials, vendors and services remain the same for anytime of wedding.  Planning a casual wedding would take the same type of effort and time. Unfortunately there isn’t a default setting here as there a plenty of factors such as time of the year, your likes, your dislikes when it comes to setting out a causal or even an over the top wedding customized wedding.

When you think of it, did you notice your close friends shrug when you missed a day out with friends citing that you were picking out the flowers for the wedding or your home has now turned into a library of wedding catalogues, sample folders and wedding material? Take a step back, planning has its stresses and going overboard or obsessing about with your friends and family will be a little too much that what they can handle.

Being able to express your thoughts and ideas to your planner or vendors have your do less of duplication in work, making them to be able to source the right requirements that matches your tastes.  Often in the process ideas change every now and them, finalizing on a theme or venues or flowers after clarity with pictures, videos or references will avoid everyone wandering down the wrong road

You will those tin-winy  moments when you will cry due to the stress of things when things aren’t going as planned or the planning is not how it should have been.  Letting things play out and let it go is the best way forward.  You families would add to the stress of wedding planning with their own difficulties, and keeping calm will see you sail through.

Building a buffer to the weddings budget will take care of the last minute unavoidable expense and climate panic. Allocating a 3%-5% buffer to the budget at the start of the planning will not have you worried just in case you need to spend on additional expense

There often comes a point where you feel that your fiancé isn’t very interested in the planning process and you seem to be the only one doing all the heavy lifting. Truth be told he is but he just does want to make a big deal about it. Certain decisions like choosing the color or picking out the flowers would be better simply taken by you.  The music that the bands play or the bar menu or maybe even the honeymoon is what you could delegate at the beginning of the wedding planning. Taking it a step at a time would mean that you fiancé will slowly take on handling the other aspects that need to be looked into.

The co-worker saying “the band isn’t great” or the uncle saying “these dates don’t cut it”, well, there are plenty of opinions flying around and also a lot of advice, so of which you may like and some of which you may not.  Keeping away from the negative chatter and using their positivity to good use in planning the wedding pays off.

The bridezilla moment is an exception you can’t make or sometimes can’t avoid. The good news is that it has happened to almost every bride, you are going to look back at it and have a hearty laugh.


Catholic Wedding Checklist

If you are having a Catholic Wedding here is a checklist

  • Catholic weddings have a plenty of ceremony traditions attached to it and you will have to decide well in advance whether you can plan to have a ceremony with the traditions included or you only plan to have the highlights.
  • Check with the church before you finalize on the date and time of the wedding as during times of the year or sometimes even the day there are limitations on churches calendar.
  • Take the necessary permissions if you are marrying in a different parish other than the home parish you belong too. Also note here that priest do not conduct the ceremony outside the church just in case you plan to do so.
  • Check with the office of the church if you have to produce any paperwork for the wedding ceremony. Many churches require you to have to baptism, communion and confirmation certificates.
  • You will also have to check with the church in case you are marrying someone outside the religions and also if a conversion is required
  • If its is your second marriage the previous one needs to be annulled if you previous spouse is alive. This involves plenty of paperwork and is rather complicated if you are getting married in a Roman Catholic church
  • As you approach the date of the wedding, meet the offciant to discuss the sequence of events during the ceremony. The officiant will guide you on the readings and blessing for the ceremony
  • The Pre-Cana is the premarital preparatory programmed that the church requires for which you should enroll.Discuss with the priest about the dress requirements and etiquette required to be followed during the ceremony. The church always allows minimum deco that can at the aisle runners and other floral deco.

  • The church requires that at either the maid of honor or the best man to be catholic and they should understand their role in the ceremony
  • You will have to coordinate with the church in advance if the if the bridal members want to receive communion and attend mass in the morning before the wedding
  • Get in touch with the stationer to print the pew cards ensuring that the both your families are seated in the first few rows of the church
  • Check with the church whether the choir will be provided or you can hire you own choir. If you choose to do so you will have to run the hymns by the priest in advance
  • You will have to let the church know of the family members that will be a part of the ceremony for the readings, offertory and other aspects
  • Check with the decorator on the style matches for the aisle runners, candles and flowers
  • Your choice of site for the rehearsal dinner and final guest list should be in place
  • If you wish to receive a Papal Blessing in a Roman Catholic Church you will have to begin the paperwork well in advance and contact the chancery office of the local diocese.
  • Finalize with the parish priest the ceremony booklets that also have the hymns printed in them so that everyone can participate in the ceremony
  • You will also have to reach the reach for the reading of the Banns which is an notice announced in church of your intention to wed that are also posted on the churches notice boards
  • As you get closer to the date of the ceremony schedule a final meeting with the priest
  • Finalize on the readings and vow
  • Send our rehearsal dinner invites.
Bride and groom

Wedding Planning Myths Busted

Weddings ceremonies follow a traditional set of do’s a d don’t’s that have been a part of cultures and traditions for centuries.  Here is a few myths you can step over if you please to.

The Dress

For those that new saw the charm of the good old white dress and veil, stepping out in gowns in other colors by bridal designers such as peach, pinks and even blues will have you look gorgeous as ever. The settings of the location or even the theme of the wedding can add to the choice of color selection. Beach weddings or destination weddings make a great opportunity to try our something new.

Swapping Professionals for your talented friends

A friends pictures that you always adored, the floral deco that amazed you or even if you have a friend in the business will add a personal touch to your wedding.  More often professionals are mechanical in the way they work, a friend will know your preferences and a good chance they are acquainted with your family and friends would know how to mix things up to your likes.

Inviting those for the weddings your were invited to

So, you were invited to a wedding and your are now feeling pressurized to reciprocate when it is yours? Well,  you are not obligated to, it is you big day and you invite guests that you are close to. Yes, there would be a few that assume they are a part of it, but informing them in advance would help in being up-front about it.

Choosing to have a Planner

The financial advantage if having a planner has multiple benefits, not only you will have everything organized and well planned,  you will lower the cost of the wedding which otherwise would be a tall task if were to be done individually. Wedding planners negotiate and pass on discounts with the various vendors and are always updated with the current prices of services.

Doing everything yourself

To lower the cost or even manage it doing everything by yourself isn’t always the safe option.  At the planning stage of the wedding, many couples assume that take on task by themselves will give them the levy to spend on an additional item or an add the savings to their honeymoon budget. Although, the option is attractive, you need to factor in time and access to the right types of raw materials and supplies.

Having the same number of the bridesmaids and groomsmen

It is always a balancing act to pair the bridesmaids and groomsmen and maybe your friends are more than his or vice-versa and you look to fill in the gaps by roping in a few extras to even out both the sides. There is no such rule and if planned right you can have everyone come together on the big day. Splitting up tasks would be a great way to get everyone involved and actively take part in it, such as a few being ushers or readers.

You would need a loan from the bank  to pay for it

Planning a wedding is a balancing act and without plunging into debt you can set your priorities right and avoid a few expenses rather than cut corners.  Instead of splurging on everything  you can find list out what items have to be looked at with a higher budget against those that you don’t need to.